Veterans Commission


Formed in 2017, the Veterans Commission is intended to educate the community on veterans' rights and needs, recognize veterans' contributions to the community and stimulate awareness of their potential, review, identify, and expand services available to veterans, and promote collaborations between service providers, employers, and veterans.

The commission is comprised of 11 members, including three Lake Stevens City Council members and eight community members who are residents of Lake Stevens or the Lake Stevens Urban Growth Area. At least two of those eight members should have actively service in the U.S. Military Service. Exact meeting schedule will be determined .

To be considered for an appointment, apply here.

Contact the Veterans Commission by email.


Vacant Position
Cameron Balazic
Shawn Frederic
Leif Hamar
Dennis Ives
Gayle McCurdy
Stacy LaFlam
Richard Russell

Kurt Hilt
Kim Daughtry
Marcus Tageant